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11 MAY 2022




Another University project, but this time, It wasn't mine. I was invited on to the production and I helped out with production design in a small capacity; I designed the 'Neuroclense'  leaflet as well as the cinema tickets. I was also a production assistant on set, albeit one of the biggest on-set contributions I made was running around the local area trying to find some AA batteries for the sound team.


Despite the most challenging part of my contribution to this production was the research I did into what would realistically go on the back of the box of a memory-altering drug, I enjoyed being on set for the purpose of helping each department as and when they needed. This felt quite different from having a specific role on set, and I must say I enjoyed it. 


Here are some of the artefacts from this production:

'Neuroclense' Leaflet:

The leaflet that David reads about the side effects of 'Neuroclense' I designed this leaflet as well as doing far more research than necassary into what should be written on it.

Neuroclense Information Leaflet.png

Cinema Tickets:

David and Rachel's cinema tickets (seen briefly as David holds a picture of his younger self and Rachel)

Ticket 1.png
Ticket 2.png
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